Sunday, May 15, 2011


its saturday night on a rainy weekend on the west coast of nowhere. there's a band on at the local pub. the pub is  trying to be a smart affair, with a repetitive advert for pokies (gambling machines) above the band, and rugby played with the sound off on two plasma screens. deliberate inattention is required!. the band itself is not too bad. a little too loud, the speakers failing to overcome the boomy sonics of the room but with nice lighting.

i've come out to dance. i brought my car, so its stimulant drinks for me.

its hard work. part of me is longing for some repetitive electronic beats, and i've been listening to some choice tunes all afternoon at home.

so its a struggle. i'm not finding common ground with the rest of the clientèle (ie i'm not drunk) and the music is failing to move me. or rather, i'f failing to find its groove.

so i'm sitting in a chair, watching the dance floor. an appalling song starts up, and so does half the bar. i let my mind play for a bit, slipping into observational mode since dance mode has failed.

"they are all having fun. i am very other to them. i am just on a different wavelength". bingo! wavelength. a picture of sine waves sloshing about appears. switches to a k-space representation. there's a dominant peak away from the main body of the group. me. i acknowledge the truth of the thought.  i also recognise that is no inherent 'betterness' in any kind of frequency (bah humbug to all that 'higher vibration' nonsense) "

so what to do? i'm a chaos practitioner. i'm not into clean purity, i'm into noise and slipping about in the cracks. so i consciously detune my wavelength and bring up some more locally resonant waves.

its like turning a switch. the mind slips away as my body pops up out of the chair. i'm straight into the dance, grooving and singing the words and getting an instant approval response from individuals and its fun.

my astrocartography charts tell me that new zealand contains the hardest lessons in my life. i hope these are them.

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