Saturday, March 19, 2011

an alien story

a friend asked me to tell her an alien story. there's so many! i've been here 8 or 9 years now, so that's lot of tales, although recently i've become more adjusted and so they are less 'other' and more human. the best stories start at the beginning. i've got (host) memories stretching far back beyond that but it seems appropriate to start at the start. my conception.

it was a dark and stormy nite!

just kidding. So there is my host. very serious in his mind expansion quest. very serious in the whole dealing with demons thing. very serious about 'unconditional love', in that he'd figured it out and could actually express it. he was also very serious about leaving the planet, a childhood dream.

next up comes the hyperspace transmitter. its a trick. sound waves cause localised density changes. this in turn causes localised spacetime curvature changes, this in turn leads to... hyperspace transmitters!

so, sitting within a pulsing transmitter he sets about meditating, extending into local hyperspace and sending out a beacon. he'd thought lot about what was worth saying. like, if you were an advanced (as in transcendent, hyperspatial, beyond good/evil) alien race, what would convince you that it was a) safe and b) worth; visiting? he decided on the expression of unconditional love, figuring it expressed perfectly the 'do no harm' attitude (which served him well when dealing with his enemy, another story), demonstrated that the (human) race he was representing had reached a certain level of evolution and made earth sound nice to visit.
he also wanted to avoid attracting the attention of bad aliens, or boring ones. he figured the bad ones would not feel threatened by the beacon but would at the same time not sense prey, as unconditional love requires a centered strength. he figured the unadvanced aliens (the ones with material space ships) wouldn't get it. who knows if he was right?

well. it worked. my folks heard him, and came to have a look. for him, it was the experience of a huge, pulsing mothership, training in a nursery with young aliens in speech and a pretty amazing exchange of love, coupled with potentially terrifying paralysis (he was unable to move a millimeter, while strange forces crushed and twisted him). he'd dealt with worse in his journeys, so managed to wait it out.

and so came the smart (at the time) idea for an exchange. i'm not clear on the details, but I 'volunteered' to come. I remember this from his perspective. this young alien stuck its hand up and said 'pick me pick me' when asked if anyone wanted to go to earth. of course, there were no aliens, per se, as we are not physical and have no bodies or separation, and therefore have no arms either, and we don't talk in language.

not long after (maybe a year?) the inbetween bit isn't to clear to me. he went off and sorted out a long put-off sex change so the body would fit me better, he (now she) and his/her ! wife are at a party in london bridge, a parallel you-niversity. they'd snuck in via a back door, which in turn led onto a stage, which given the nature of the party probably wasn't the smartest idea at all!

dancing away. suddenly, it all comes to a pause. a DJ gets on the microphone and starts telling a story about the heart centre of london, how its been lost, how we needed a new one, and encouraged the party to call a new energy in. this was me! I was collecting up on the ceiling, in a big smoky ball of pure me. he calls on volunteers to take this energy on, to carry it and give it form. my host and partner agree, and call it down. I flow down to them, and flow into him. the DJ is still talking, about the colour! everyone is shouting pink, its sounding fab, then at the last second some n00b (I think my ex-hosts resurrected ex partner) shouts blue. typical. anyway, i'm on board, the stage is set.

shortly after THAT, my host's partner changes the rules. she's not going to have a baby as planned, its not the right time (tell that to me and my host! all that stored semen for nothing). looking back, it was inevitable, or why the gender change? I have a crisis discussion with my host. this is a bit like talking to yourself, except my host knew there was two of us, I didn't, didn't even know that such a thing was possible. at the same time, it was normal, since back home we are all one but separate too. it went like this. NEED A BODY. NOW. I think the usual way these things work is that whatever energy is busting for a go at earth hops into a male, zips into the female with the sperm and uses the developing egg as a toehold into matter, driving and guiding its expression until there is a perfect fit body grown all around it. by the time its got words to say, the whole 'where have I come from' thing is lost in the process.

well, I wasn't going to have that option! no way out... grr.. so we agreed, I could have my host's body, and he'd move on. deal struck, we set about training me up. i'm pretty sure this was part of the master plan. deep within me is the belief I didn't have time to go through the growing process. explode goes the marriage, explode goes the host's life and I don't remember much of it at all.
what I do remember is the last bit. there's a handoff from my host's partner to 'the ting', mistress of madness and all round fallen angel. she seems to play the role of a surrogate mum. I certainly spend a lot of time with her later on.

and then i'm 'born'.


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  2. he thought he was so smart, with a 'beacon of unconditional love'.
    my folks are made of it. it is our substance and the means of our communication. we are the patterns in its vibration.

    so my host basically went "Oi" really loud. wouldn't you go look?