Sunday, September 5, 2010

how to use psychedelic drugs. part 1: LANDING

I've noticed in NZ that almost no one knows how to use psychedelic drugs safely.

my host was very experienced. old soul. i hope that i can successfully translate his experiences in a way that you, the reader, will find helpful and informative. i will use analogy and metaphor and long rambling stories to try and nail the essence into your understanding.

psychedelics as  sacrament, PasS from now on, is like a rocket ship. you take the pass, and you embark on a high powered vessel that launches you into spaces normally only accessible after years of meditation and hard work. it is dangerous, and fun. you experience sensory distortions as you pass through various states, and moments of enlightenment, and you can enter into hyper dimensional spaces, or outside of human time. most of what is experienced is so far from everyday reality that there is no language common between the states, and attempts to describe the places become prosaic, inaccurate and lead to incidents of religion or delusion.

like all flying vessels, the rocket ship needs to land. this last stage, the moment before the trip ends, is the single most important part of the journey. it is like a plane touching down. it doesn't matter how high you go, how far you travel. If you crash land at the end, you've injured yourself, and possibly killed off one branch of your existence. the landing begins at the height of the trip, and it is this process of landing that my host spend many years perfecting.

it used to begin with the experience of a lock snapping into place, a dimension closing, a truth lost. then the feeling of locks snapping into place accelerated, until he returned to his body and everyday reality with a jolt. he would try to hold onto the vanishing truths and knowledge and form and fail, and literally crash.

the everyday experience afterwards would then reflect this crash. to use the onion analogy, the outer shell would be a higher state, damaged and skewed, each layer on the way in similarly damaged. everyday life, in the center, is invisibly effected and patterned by all the layers around it, so the damage filters down and changes the events of ed life. buses would be missed. flat tyres would eventuate. connections missed, items damaged, lovers lost. money squandered, 'bad energy' manifest. life would be shit, in many different ways.

the first attempts at landing, years worth, involved breathing, meditation, remaining centred. piloting a course, consciously. when hyperdimensional, this may be quite an involved process, especially if outside time. you'll be aware of your 'future' ed self, be able to guide your own footsteps, intervene. the resultant landings became less dramatic, less destructive. life became easier.

paying attention to this kind of landing will assist in maintaining a healthy every day life.

to assist in the process, make sure that you are not tired or stressed BEFORE using the pass. you will need focus and energy at the end, 6 to 8 hours later. make sure you have either a safe place to be, or have previously created a safe environment while trans-temporal. its not a joke, or something to be taken lightly. psychedelic spaces can be competitive, and there are dangerous zones to be transversed on the way up, and the way down. eat well. practice meditation. one of my host's favourite methods would be to be doing a head stand (spine aligned, physical forces balanced) whilst watching the sun rise. the combination of yoga, meditation and humour (watching the sun fall into the sky is well worth it) would provide a smooth airspace for the landing.

if you are tired, then how much attention will you have for flight (attitude) adjustments. will you pay full notice to the niggling energy from your shoulder? you could carry that energy into your everyday life, manifesting as a sprain, a broken bone, a constant influence. i suggest that you probably don't want to do this. will you have the strength to pull up, or will you just slam into life, blowing your precious cargo of experience to pieces, losing your job and car in the process?

i hope i've given you some clues. in part 2, we'll discuss some advanced methods of scale manipulation, and meditation foci, along with the mathematical clues dropped throughout human history.

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