Saturday, August 21, 2010

part two: 'stereotyped physical movements'

a term often used to describe the rocking and twitches and other exotic mudras of those on the 'autistic spectrum', physical movement is a fab and easy way of shedding auric pressure.

rotation of the joints and twitches of the shoulders and other muscles can quickly dislodge stuck on aura, and slide out from inept grasping. its most effective against untrained auras, and can ease travel through crowded areas. try it! if you notice your body doing it without you initiating it, its time to breathe and spin the astral layers.

if it is happening at home, its time to beef up your residence. you can pump energy in, embedded with your signature, and build a balloon of aura for your property.

(or, you can do what i do and use chaotic energy to allow co-incident occupation of a zone and not disturb your neighbours!)

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