Saturday, August 21, 2010


we are taught that auras are co-incident with the body.

but that's not the whole story. Most of the time,for most people, the opposite is true. they are all over the place.

when astral travelling, one level of aura is clearly NOT co-incident with the body. for the mentally unfocussed, the aura may be flapping about in peru, or stuck around someone else's head, trying to get it. it may be dissipated or focussed like a knife. an emotional aura may be sharpened and embedded in someone else's back, or it may be mooning about in the stars.

it takes effort and practice to get all your level's of aura co-incident. you'll  notice when you are because the body will come into focus, the ground will feel more solid. you'll be 'all there'.

so what?

well. i'll tell you what :)

defense. attack. you can learn both.

if you'll allow the idea that auras may be hanging around, then what can you do to avoid getting stuck in someone else's treacly goo?

a simple method for cleansing is simply to breathe center and spin. your astral body is great for this, you can turn it into a two layered egg and spin it at lightspeed. instant astral clean. doesn't always work against an emotional attack, though.

what if you've got a spike embedded? (the famous 'backstabbing!") they can hurt, manifesting as neuralgia or pulled muscles, even slipped disks.

the best method i've found is assimilate and defend. for that, you need to absorb the spike. first, seal your emotional body. snip off the spike. then absorb the remainder. you could simply push the spike out, but that isn't nearly as good. take the absorbed spike and redistribute it as a thin shield, covering the area and some more where the last attack came in. next time the strike comes, it'll be deflected and get nowhere. you'll notice a heaviness which you can blow off without further damage. its time to go and deal with the cause.
i like this method. in time the absorbed aura becomes totally integrated, whilst still carrying the signature of its source.

more lessons as i think of 'em

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  1. even better, if you sync the resonance of the absorbed auric energy back to the originator, next time they strike at you, you can, with little effort, redirect the strike back to them, so it hits them where it would have hit you. i know someone who had a large and quite debilitating spike removed from her back - which she had delivered. most satisfying, and extracts you from the karmic loop, too.